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How Many Times Should You Breed a Female Dog in Her Lifetime?

How Many Times Should You Breed a Female Dog in Her Lifetime?
July 23, 2021

South Mountain Canine Reproduction and Pet Care is located in Draper, UT. Our veterinarians are canine reproduction (dog breeding) experts and are here to happily help and serve breeders in the Draper, UT area.

When Should You First Breed Your Female Dog?

Your dog may go into heat as young as at age six months old or as old as two years old.

Typically, smaller dog breeds will sexually mature faster than larger dog breeds. Because of this significant range, it is best to go by heat cycles rather than age when determining when you should breed your dog for the first time.

Our veterinarians recommend waiting until the third heat cycle. This allows your dog to fully mature (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and reduces the risk of injuring her body or stunting her growth during her pregnancy. Allowing her to mature also means that she is more likely to be a good and maternal mother.

Waiting this long also allows breeders to take their dog to their veterinarian several times for vaccinations, health check-ins, and necessary testing to ensure it is ethical and beneficial to allow this dog to produce offspring for her breed.

When Should You Last Breed Your Female Dog? 

It is recommended to be finished breeding when your dog reaches the ages of five to seven.

After this age, dog pregnancies are rather difficult on animals’ bodies. Dogs are at a significantly greater risk of having miscarriages, being injured, or even dying during pregnancy after a certain age.

How Often Should You Breed Your Dog? 

The frequency of your dog’s breedings should be based on how long her window is to have puppies (starting after her third cycle and ending before her fifth through seventh birthday) and should be spaced as far apart as possible.

Breeding, pregnancy, labor, and delivery are very hard on your dog. She needs as much time as you can give her to recuperate from her experiences. At the bare minimum, we recommend allowing her at least one heat cycle in between every breeding.

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